EmergSource online journal club

This week emergsource.com will launch it’s newest feature; our online journal club!

Many small and medium sized hospitals just don’t have enough members of the emergency department staff to keep up an active journal club. My hospital is no different, it’s just too hard to meet up every month, but we all still want to read and discuss recent articles. For the last year I’ve been running an online journal club through google groups with much success for my emergency group. This week the journal club moves from google groups onto the main emergsource.com website.

The journal club will offer an article a month for discussion. Anyone can participate and everyone’s opinion counts. I hope to cultivate a group with lots of different perspectives and hope that the conversation will drift as far as the group members would like.

For our American readers I’ve created a forum to discuss the required ABEM – LLSA articles. I’ve also created a forum for classic and foundational articles in emergency medicine.

Hopefully this is an experiment that will build into something useful and fun over time!

New organization of posts

Hopefully people are enjoying the site! I would like to optimize the posts a little bit more for those who are in training or studying for examinations.

I’ll continue to do opinion posts, as these are the most fun to write and generate the most discussion. These posts allow me to editorialize about a subject and perhaps present new or non-standard information about a topic.

The factoid posts will also continue weekly on Fridays. These posts are designed to present a short and often esoteric fact that is relevant inasmuch as it is something that appears on exams, or in the quizzing that staff doctors like to inflict on their juniors. I reserve the right to actually include useful information and stray from the simply trivial.

Finally I am planning to add a new type of post called ‘Your Next Patient:_____’. This will be a series that is presented in the sort of format typical for an oral exam or a written long answer board question. Information will be revealed sequentially and questions posed. At the end of the question there will be a brief bit of information that indicates what the point of the question was. The idea with these questions will be to think them through, for trainees possibly to actually do them as practice questions as exams approach. There will sometimes not be a correct answer, rather a problem to think through. Anyone experienced or otherwise will be welcome to ask questions or provide their insight.

If there is anything else you would like to see on the sight please let me know. As it is just me working on the site progress is at times slow, particularly on the image editing for the ECG course.